Propane Safety

One of the concerns that we had with our new camper was any type of propane leaks. Our 265RB was equipped with a propane detector, but we wanted to insure that we got ahead of any potential leaks. As these units bounce down the road the connections can loosen and develop leaks.

Propane/CO detector

For under $30 I picked up a mobile propane leak detector. I tested the unit out and adjusted its sensitivity using the propane stone on the camper. Turning on a little gas I was able to set the unit to pick up the slightest amount.

Y201 Portable Propane Methane Natural Gas Leak Detector

I took the detector once it was calibrated and went over every propane connection on the trailer. In order to get to some of the devices like the furnace and the water heater I had to unscrew a few covers. Very easy to do and takes about 20 minutes to go over the whole trailer.

Atwood RV Furnace
Dual tank propane connections at the nose of the trailer
Main tank connection to trailer plumbing
Propane connection at the rear for the outdoor kitchen

As I mentioned before you can find these on Amazon for $30. They will work on other gases besides propane so they do have multiple uses around the house. I didn’t find an active leaks on the camper but left the unit in the camper so I can check it on a regular basis.