How To Make The Camper More Stable At The Campsite

For such a large vehicle – its amazing how much these things move around. We use the factory jacks, usually with additional blocks underneath but we found that we needed more to keep this thing from moving around.

The first thing we added were wheel chocks. These simply fit between the tires and prevent them from moving. These chocks are designed to stabilize not replace proper wheel chocks. In an emergency would these help keep a trailer from rolling away..Yes – but we don’t rely on them for that. The chalks are east to install and come with a small ratchet handle that I ended up using on the factory stabilizing jacks as well.

In addition we found a stabilizer for the stairs. I am usually the first one up in the morning and exiting the trailer would cause it to rock back and forth. We found this stabilizer that mounted directly to the stairs and it took the load of me stepping in the stairs, not creating any movement or shake.

The instructions call for the stabilizer to be screwed into the steps. I am not a fan of drilling holes in fixtures, so I choose a different way to mount the unit. I ended up using wide heavy duty velcro, its works great for a number of reasons.

  • Its not a permanent installation – no screw holes poking up through the steps.
  • It fits well, given the contour of the bottom of the steps is not totally flat and if it was screwed in would great a bit of a gap once the screws were tightened down.
  • The support is removable, no chance of it getting lost down the road if a fastener is lost.
  • Its adjustable and movable, if the spot you put it on originally doesn’t work – you can move it very easily without any permanent marks.